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Saunas have been a part of mainstream health for decades. However, the real benefit of traditional wood or steam Saunas are questionable with the introduction of Infrared. 


A traditional Sauna heats the room with either steam, or wood to around 200 degrees. 

The issue with this is that the heat is so intense, that you can't stay in for more than 10 to 15 minutes, and you virtually get no benefits from it. You are simply surrounding yourself in a hot room, and before your core temp can even get the chance to rise, you have to leave due to the extreme, and potentially dangerous heat. 


Infrared Saunas on the other hand don't use the energy wasting methods of Steam, or Wood burning. Instead, an Infrared Sauna uses the heat and light on the Infrared Spectrum to heat up the core of your body directly. Our Saunas are set at a constant 140 degrees Fahrenheit. However, due to the science behind the Infrared Sauna, the heat penetrates your core directly and raises your core temperature much quicker than a regular Sauna, while projecting a much lower temperature. This allows you to stay in our Saunas for up to a full hour.